A downloadable toy for Windows and macOS

A Programming Game. Complete the missing content. Explore and modify the game scripts to make it your own.

In-World Narrative

A friend recommended this game. It seems not great. But we don't want to seem like an idiot, so I guess we stick it out for a bit. Seems like we're just going to have to noodle around in the game's scripts to even play through most of it.

Not In-World Narrative

This is a programming game with a focus on experimentation, and monkeying around in the code. All the game modes, game logic, and levels are all created via my scripting language ulox.

The in-game Narrator will point you towards the files in streaming assets once you finish the first level.

In there you will find all the scripts and some in-world narrative readmes that explain and nudge you towards where you might want to experiment.


For working with scripts, try using Visual Studio Code. It'll make it easy to navigate between files and will give you basic code highlighting and complete type features.

Keep a copy of the streaming assets folder, so you can replace files with originals if you break something and need to go back. Using a repository, like git, would be every better but that's a big thing to grok if you don't already know how.

If/When you make a mistake in the scripts, the in game console should show you an error, that indicates where and what caused it, e.g. missing a `{`.


break;out - 0.0.1 win.zip 27 MB
break;out - 0.0.1 mac.zip 36 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip, within that folder is an exe, break;out to run.

Mac: Unzip, within is a break;out package to run. When you need to find the streaming assets you will need to, Show Package Contents in finder and then navigate to 'Contents->Resources->Data->Streaming Assets'.

Development log

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